About us

We are a group of artists and designers who have joined forces to create location- and topic-specific works with the medium of light. Our request ist to compose unique concepts and ideas with our experience and expertise. While working in different contexts with different customers and tasks, we create spaces and interventions, both indoors and outdoors, either analog or digital.

Our projects are both located in the cultural sphere as well as in the corporate context. Our works are place specific in the field of events, festivals, theaters, museums, galleries and fairs. Our works are from interactive object and place specific illumination up to stage-design and large-scale facade-projection. From static to ani- mated or interactive installations and projections. Our technical expertise enables us to develop software and hardware solutions that merge new and old technologies in a meaningful way. For the realization of projects we also have a wide network of professional lighting- and event-technicians at our disposal.

The medium of light is a new communication chan- nel for us. With the possibility to present topics in an new light – magical, playful, didactic or explanatory and artistically critical. With our work we want to break new ground, to offer visual worlds, stage, ques- tion and inspire. We want to pursue with our work with our new way to offering visual worlds, staging, question and inspire. For this purpose we transform rooms into theaters, public spaces into playgrounds.